Stigma Kills - Kill the Stigma

Stigma is all-pervasive within the sphere of sexwork, although it’s nature and intensity might vary depending on the context. WINS constantly works towards reduction and ultimately towards the elimination of stigma from sexwork

Sex workers are often subject to various stigmatising forces in their daily lives, in their interactions with their families, police and public.

These experiences tend to have a negative impact on the sex worker’s physical and mental health. The obvious manifestations of these experiences are verbal or physical abuse that force sex workers to withdraw from social networks pushing them into vulnerability.

Tackling these issues requires a multi-level and pro-active approach that responds to health needs and to structural and social issues that perpetuate sex worker’s stigma.

At WINS, we believe that stigma is a mark of social dishonour and disgrace. We work towards reduction of stigma while promoting cultural, legal and policy change.

Our Work

WINS recognises the agency and human rights of sex workers (and also human rights of women from various vulnerable groups) and strives to protect them from harassment and discrimination