COVID Relief

COVID-19 pandemic is disproportionately affecting communities and individuals across the globe. Like it is with any kind of crisis, the marginalised, criminalised and the ones living in precarious economic and health situations remain terribly neglected pushing them into loss of livelihoods.

Sexworkers often don’t feature in the mainstream’s notion of marginalised communities. The huge packages announced by the government have nothing to offer to the sexworkers and other sexual minorities. For the huge number of sexworkers living in the cities, the pandemic meant complete loss of income and a struggle for mere survival. The donations we receive have been of immense help to these marginalised communities.

At WINS, The COVID Action Relief is led by leaders of Sexworker, Transgender and HIV Women’s Groups in Guntur, Krishna, Nellore, and Chittoor and with the support of WINS team, National Network of sexworkers and well-wishers. 

As the Pandemic throws newer challenges, we wish to continue utilising funds donated by our well-wishers and donors across the globe to help these marginalised communities sail through these testing times.