At WINS we believe that women’s rights mean right over their bodies, minds and reproduction. “The basis of equality is gender and the basis of gender is sexuality.” Within the patriarchal structures, women and sexual minorities do not find place, as they are perceived to be subversive. Males order the laws and social behavior. But these laws do not seek to protect men as much as to restrict women. Within this structure, Gender is the politics of sexuality.

When we peel away the shame around sexuality, we bring the light of debate to shine on it.” When we talk about sexual education, we believe that adolescents will be liberated by empowerment. When we question the right of the state over our bodies, we are subversive. When we examine intentions, we question the personal. When we espouse the rights of sex workers, we risk being misunderstood. When we demand that religions become feminized, we attack the very nerve center of man’s order of what ought to be. The mass of laywomen continues to live in the male order without awareness, without doubts and without questions. Our mission is to plant a question in their minds. In this effort sometimes, our sisters become our adversaries.

It is our mission to question and confront; to analyze and synthesize; to make the society stop and think, even if only for a little while. No issue is unfit for debate. Only when we have spoken, doubted, examined and analyzed, we can build anew. “A world without oppression, a world without want and with space for everyone.