One Day, I’d Love To Say – “I Used To Have HIV”

Name: Suneetha
Age: 26 Years
HIV Status: Positive

Suneetha’s husband is a flower vendor. She fell in love with him and married him. After one year she gave birth to a female child. It was his second marriage. His first wife died with some unknown disease. He doesn’t know whether it was AIDS. But people suspect that she died of AIDS. Soon Suneetha became scared of it as neighbors advised her that she should be away from her husband. So she asked him not to visit her.

Suneetha’s husband left and during this time he had multiple sex partners. He returned after 2 years, and lived a happy life for another 4 years. After which, he would develop fevers very often. He consulted the SVRR Government Hospital doctors. He could not recover and was referred to the STD OP where he tested positive. Doctors advised Suneetha to go for HIV test. She tested positive. Soon after, Suneetha’s husband developed AIDS and died.

She contacts WINS Staff whenever she feels there is some problem. WINS Staff counseled her and told her that contracting HIV does not lead to immediate death and people who contracted HIV would live at least eight to twelve years without developing AIDS. She was advised that there is no need to be afraid of minor illnesses which are common irrespective of her positive status. Also, Suneetha is constantly advised by the WINS counsellors that she must be courageous and eat well and maintain good health as far as possible.

Suneetha continues to contact WINS whenever she feels the need to talk to someone. She has a daughter aged 10 years. She also continues to maintain confidentiality about her positive status. WINS cooperates with her in maintaining it.