Give a Child Love, Laughter and Peace, Not AIDS

Name: Subramanyam
Age: 4 Years
HIV Status: Positive

WINS met Subramanyam when he was a two year old toddler. His father was a tractor driver and mother worked as a domestic help in a local residential colony. Subramanyam was a lean, cranky child. He had a huge tummy. There were fluids oozing from his eyes and ears with severe infection. It was heart wrenching to see the toddler weep most of his waking hours.

WINS’ staff took Subrahmanyam for multiple medical consultations. He got cured of the infections with the help of treatment. WINS’ staff also counselled the boy’s family about the need for nutritious diet. The family now eats healthy and are happy with Subramanyam’s progress. It’s leaves such a joyous feeling to see little Subramanyam greet us with a smile whenever we visit the family!