Fight AIDS Not People With AIDS

Name: Salma
Age: 6 Years
HIV Status: Positive

WINS first met Salma living with her mother in a small hut. They did not have food to eat in their house and Salma and her mother were severely affected by skin diseases which had taken a toll on their self-image. Very soon WINS offered the necessary medical and nutritional support to the mother and child. Our field staff have also arranged delivery of grocery, milk and eggs to their home and guided them with the medication. Gradually, they got cured of the acute skin diseases and started feeling better.

After sometime, when Salma wanted to attend a pre-school, the local school teacher denied her an admission. WINS staff visited the school to have a conversation with the teacher. After a detailed discussion with the teacher, he was finally convinced to admit Salma in the school. WINS offered stationery essentials like slate, books, colour pencils and so on to Salma. Her joy knew no bounds!

With this new found joy in their lives, Salma’s mother who was in a mentally depressed state expressed her interest to live a healthy life to take care of her daughter. WINS’ health experts assisted Salma’s mother in preparing healthy and nutritious meals. Very soon Salma’s body weight increased from 10.5Kgs to 12Kgs. Subsequently, Salma’s mother-in-law agreed to offer support to the mother and child. Constant communication reassured the family that HIV does not spread by eating or living under the same roof.